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Authentic Instagram Bundle

Listen, Businesses existed before Instagram and they will sure as heck exist once the next best thing comes along. But for now, while Instagram boasts 1 billion active monthly users, you, too, can use it to your advantage in your business, even if you: - don’t want to pay for ads - can’t stand the follow-unfollow game - aren’t into weird tricky games - are over feeling like the train already pulled through the station and you’re always running to catch up. - And especially, if you are not INSTAPERFECT (**Gasp! Clutch your pearls!**) Instagram DOES have the power to transform your business because it allows you to connect to millions of people right from the palm of your hand. But, to connect, you don’t need to be a selfie queen or have 5 million bajillion followers out the gate. What does it matter, anyway, if those 5 million bajillion followers who like your selfies never spend a dime with you. #vanitymetrics #inserteyeroll There is a better way. Really. And The Authentic Instagram Bundle will show you.

In Her Head - The Ideal Client Workbook

Intimately knowing your ideal customer is the key to all of your marketing efforts. stop wasting your time. You've got to get in her head as soon as possible. In Her Head is a self-guided E-book, created to walk you through the process of finding your brand's ideal client/customer. Until you have a clear sense of who that person is, you'll be spinning your wheels in all your marketing efforts-- from social media posts and captions, to networking events, to blogging and newsletters, and even your branding. Knowing the inner psychology of your ideal client will help you move forward in your business so you reach more people, sell more of your goods/services, and make a greater impact on the world, because FINALLY, you'll know who you'll be serving. I wrote this book because I saw how much my clients were struggling with this very important step in building their brands. As a writing instructor, I've spent more than a decade helping students develop characters in their fiction. When I started building Compliment, I realized this process of arriving at your ideal client profile is not all that different from the writing exercises I developed for my students year after year in the classroom. In Her Head: :: is a 30-page guide for creative business owners who want to sell more products/services :: contains 10 printable lessons + 2 bonus activities to spark reflection and creativity :: will help you understand, once and for all, who you are serving and how to appeal to her in a way that makes your products and services not only desirable, but NECESSARY :: is structured in a way where each lesson builds upon the next :: honors proven adult learning modalities (fancy brain science) so that you are pushed to take inspired action :: is the ultimate foundation of your business. If you sell anything, this book will help you do more of that.

Instagram Caption Template Guide

Instagram Engagement Slowing Down? Not sure how to connect with your followers so that they actually respond? What if I told you there was a proven formula to engage your current followers? And what if that formula came with done-for-you templates that you can use EVERY TIME YOU POST? BECAUSE HERE'S THE DEAL: NO MATTER WHATEVER ALGORITHM COMES DOWN THE PIKE, NO MATTER WHAT CHANGES A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM GOES THROUGH, ONE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN... Human beings long for connection. (and this caption template guide will support you in creating that connection.) The Instagram Caption Template Guide - contains 32 done-for-you templates to use as captions on Instagram - allows you to insert your unique business details so that your captions still sound like they belong to you. - is based on the psychology of engagement, creating the opportunity for you to actually start getting responses on the things you post. - is suitable for ANY business-- product-based, service-based, or brick-and-mortar - is meant for business owners (or their social media managers) who want to build real relationships with their customers - is the perfect gift for a social media manager to help support them manage other accounts - has given HUNDREDS of business owners the engagement results they've hoped for

The 21-Day Instacourse

grow your business through instagram outreach. authentically. organically. purposefully. I will show you how in t he 21 day instacourse with melissa camilleri of @shopcompliment